Valley Crossing

Valley Crossing is the technique of traversing across two high points by means of a rope stretched between them. We usually offer valley crossing as an activity in a camp. However, in recent years, we have started offering high adventures especially for valley crossing, like the Kokankada valley crossing and the Jivdhan fort to Khada Parsi Pinnacle valley crossing.
Valley Crossing is a 100% Adventure sports activity, designed purely to get you that adrenaline rush. Experience the feeling of flying across a valley strung only from above, to a set of ropes. Those who have zipped across this 1000 ft. deep valley, at breakneck speed, swear by the experience and Proboscis trainers usually get several requests for 'another quick zip across'.
So, if you have been looking for that perfect corporate get-away, a chance for the team to get some fresh air, relax and 'bond' with each other.... then this is an incredible option.
Proboscis offers a weekend-long, valley crossing adventure trip where the ultimate goal is pure adventure! The word adventure means different things for different people. Generally, adventure implies thrill and excitement, risks and dangers, and the unexpected and extraordinary experiences.